Latest Happenings

  • Library2Go on the Road

    Glenelg Libraries is on the move, providing an outreach mobile service to support the shire’s regional communities.

    The Library2Go vehicle visits Dartmoor, Merino, Nelson, Narrawong and Digby... Read More...

  • Portland Library Redevelopment

    Glenelg Libraries has been successful in securing State Government and Council support for a redevelopment of the Portland Library. Read more...

  • E-Newsletter

    Glenelg Libraries has an E-Newsletter to keep you up to date and informed of all the latest events and happenings... Click here to subscribe...

  • Beamafilm

    Welcome to Beamafilm - Australia’s only movie streaming channel for true stories and independent voices.

    We hope you enjoy our unique and premium library movie streaming service... Read More...

  • Be Persuaded - Jane Austen - Costume Exhibition

    This unique exhibition will be on display at the Portland Library from Thursday 17 August 2017 to Thursday 14 September 2017. Read more...

  • 1000 Books Before School

    Get your child school-ready!

    Register for 1000 Books Before School at Glenelg Libraries... Read More...

  • OnePlay

    Glenelg Libraries now offers OnePlay! Play 1000+ games for PC, Mac and Android - no limits! Download games directly to your PC, Mac... Read More...

  • Crime in the Library

    Join us for a morning of crime fiction at this special event featuring local authors Jono Pech, Jock Serong and Matt Neal as they promote their latest novels. Read more...

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