Glenelg Libraries Strategic plan 2021- 2026

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Public libraries continue to transform in response to changes in the community, changes in technology and changes in the way in which library services can be accessed – onsite and online. The Glenelg Libraries Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026 will set the direction for Glenelg Libraries into the future.


In line with Glenelg Council’s strategic planning process, Glenelg Libraries has developed a multi-year plan that will provide a long-term vision of the way library services are delivered and the value they can create in our community.

In order to do this Glenelg Libraries needed to understand what the community think about the library and what might encourage people who don’t currently use our service to become users.

Following an extensive community survey and consultation process Council has adopted the Glenelg Libraries Strategic Plan 2021-2026.

Benefits of the Strategic Plan

The Glenelg Libraries Strategic Plan 2021-2026 centres around the vision of “Connecting our Community” and has identified four strategic priorities for the next five years:

1. Welcoming and vibrant places and spaces;
2. Literacy and lifelong learning;
3. Facilitating access to technology and online services; and
4. Engagement with our network of community partners.

Key actions against each of these priorities are outlined in the strategy. More detailed action plans, timelines and performance measures will be developed as part of the library’s annual planning process. 

Public libraries are one of the most highly valued services delivered by any level of government, utilised by a large cross section of our community. It is essential that the Glenelg Libraries continually strive to maximise the reach, quality and impact of its services.